V for Voice-

Remember, Remember– Whatever that voice may be.

While we have different methods that may be perceived as opposing, I have to give a big ‘Thank You’ to Achariya for her current collection of posts. I believe for many of us, she is a security blanket made human; when she asked me to give my thoughts, it provided a productive outlet for my thoughts rather than just vomiting my upset here.

There are some things we just cannot do. For Ach, she cannot stop blogging- she’s openly stated she uses it to stay sane. Some creators are very dependent on their revenue and cannot go without sales for an extended period of time. Some users are unable to stick with simple actions to make their point and must go to greater lengths.

All of this acceptable. I am of the belief that, as each person has a different face, each person has a different way that is right for them, and the right, just ways will ultimately arrive at the same goal.

What is not acceptable is the negative framing. The protesters are not ‘boycotters of creators’, the creators staying open and the buyers are not ‘selfish’ or ‘greedy’, and no one is ‘stupid’. No one should be vilified, as the hurt it causes ultimately detracts from everyone, no matter what their path.

I have expressed my hurt in comments on two blogs; they were written with passion, and I strived to not use curses or be attacking in any way. However, they could be perceived as aggressive, and for that, I apologize. When I become involved in movements or events, I can be very sensitive to negatives and fall into defensive positions.

~ by Terry Toland on November 5, 2009.

6 Responses to “V for Voice-”

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  2. but you are wearing a mask that costs money based on a comic book and film that the creator of that mask should not be profitting from.. yet you all complain about content theft. ironic.

    • “Normally I have a policy against making masks that are a part of a character, or pop culture, since I prefer my own original designs (plus, let’s not forget, avoiding copyright violations). However, Guy Fawkes is such an outstanding person in English culture I felt I could take artistic licenses where I wished, and bring a very distinctive mask my own Siyulicious flava. Plus it’s just so darn fun to walk around wearing it!!”
      – From In Quintum Novembris on the creator’s blog.

      The object of concern was not created with the intent to directly draw out of the V for Vendetta series, nor is it an exact copy if you compare the two designs- the mustache and eyebrows in both film and print are sharper and more linear, while this virtual interpretation is curved. There is also a distinct difference in in the amount of pink used on the cheeks and lips. There is also no black-out option for the eye holes.

      It’s understandable such a cynic remark would be tossed in, considering all the emotions that have been tossed about. I know I’ve also seen on multiple occasions creations that look eerily similar but they are original works. The matter boils down to research and understanding what is copying and what is inspiration. The details presented may be minor to some, but with popular figures, it does make a difference.

      I’m also sure that if any rights holders of V would notify the creator, as the rights holders of Frank Sinatra’s name contacted her to change the title of one of her hats. Again, it’s all in how you handle things- acting gracefully without jabbing into others. Now if “we all” could work that way…

  3. Well said Little Lady! Hugs.

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