Read it in the Magazine: Fall Rebel

The days are getting colder
And there’s a chill about the air,
But while others are singing carols
There’s still lots of fall to share!

I love the snowy season, don’t get me wrong- I’m a winter baby in SL and RL. But this bum-rush into Christmas when Thanksgiving is barely two weeks away is far from the original intent of the holiday. In my own, personal stand against this expressiveness, I’ve embraced the colors and themes of the time to create a unique set of autumn attire.

Fall Rebel I

The crisp months of September, October and November capitalize on the phoenix concept, signifying the end of nature’s growth and the beginning of its slumber with a burst of brilliant, fiery color. The first garment I plucked out of my wardrobe was fresh from a recent 50L Friday, the Petal Dress Cocoon in Spice from (epoque).  The pumpkin hue compliments the whimsy shape of the prim frock perfectly, creating an outfit focus that invites further unique accessories.  I chose to wrap my bare shoulders and arms in a casual sweater-shrug while dressing my legs in vibrant stockings and round-toe, almost-chunky heels. To top it off, I donned a medium-short, slightly-messy mane and a floral hair piece to add that final free-spirited touch.

Fall Rebel II

The wind has been whipping through the trees in my area, causing the leaves to dance in swirls across the red bricks of campus; I’ve witnessed a variety of these performances, ranging in soft, little duos to powerful, practically violent waltzes. With this dynamic force all around me, showcasing {Zaara}‘s Vayu gown was an absolute must. The streams of dust and leaves move with a magical air, catching environmental exhales and rustling movements that other flexi prims may easily pass over. This dress also features two off the subtler tones of autumn, soft brown and light green – a delicate contrast between nature’s life and death. For this ensemble, I avoided wearing any other clothing items so as not to distract from the main piece; lightly-rusted blooms for jewelry, simple green mule-wedge, and a hairstyle caught in the wind accented the strength and grace just right.

Fall Rebel III

Red. Gorgeous, lush, juicy, flaming red. Crimson, burgundy, ruby, cherry, garnet, rose red. Why all the emphasis? Not only does this bold color command attention, I would bring shame to my state- fall is the harvest season, and we are proudly known for our delicious red apples. To meet this demand, I selected another work from the Swansong collection, the Candace Aflame gown by *Laughing Academy*. As in my previous feature, I stress that this frock can multi-task, and I’ve put it to work by removing the center prim to transform it into a retro, flared body-suit. Personally, this is my favorite way to wear this item, for it simultaneously emanates beauty and might. An fierce, geisha-inspired skin was a great canvas for this outfit, and I accessorized with a messy up-do lined with open-buds, and large, earthy jewelry pieces.

Fall Rebel IV

Last – but far from any means least – there is a tribute to light. As the sun dwindles and the nights grow longer, the golden rays that do make it to earth become more and more precious. Where once the sky was filled with gold, it now lies on the earth till the wind and rain sweep it away. It is this time when many herds come together for warmth, safety, and the chance at procuring the next generation. For my closing, I completely embodied this, morphing my avatar into a deer-satyr and wrapped my fur in the treasure of “Inanna” by Tekeli-li. The color- and texture-change prim bikini, silk bottom, and complete jewelry set all come separately, but I found it all well worth the price. With the legs, ears and tail in place, I crowned it all with a simple, sun-spun up-do and a rack of golden horns.

So as the shopping malls are blasting “Winter Wonderland” across the racks of sweaters, and Tully’s is hanging red stockings upon its counters, take some time to enjoy what we have now. The season of lights will be here soon enough, and those classic treats will be that much sweeter – that much more meaningful – if we take a moment to draw in the lingering moments of fall around us now. Happy Autumn, everyone.

Fall Rebel I - B

Outfit: Petal Dress Cocoon – Spice from (epoque)
Top: (ash) shruggie ~silent sparrow~
Footwear: TooToo Shoe Dots Brown from .:Periquita:.
Legs: Stockings Orange/Yellow (03) from Eshi Otawara
Hair: Seelie – Halloween from Calico Ingmann Creations
Eyes: liquid amber – freebie (m) from Poetic Colors
Skin: Raven /T: Valeries-Champagne – FIRE from Pulse Skin
Pose: F-Blogger10-Primskirt from [Long Awkward Pose]

Fall Rebel II - B

Outfit: Vayu gown for Swansong from {Zaara}
Footwear: Frenzy – Green from Maitreya
Head: Rusty Rose Head Wreath -light- from *G Field*
Neck: Rusty Rose Choke from *G Field*
Wrists: Rusty Rose Bracelets -light- from *G Field*
Hands: Hunter Manicure from {Frick}
Hair: Breeze harvest from Exile
Skin: Eden v2 (Clove) “Svarte Svane” from :: Exodi ::
Pose: BaddaBing from [Long Awkward Pose]

Fall Rebel III - B

Outfit: Candace Aflame from *Laughing Academy*Footwear: Valarian Garnet from – enkythings –
Ears: Ambrosia earrings (celistia/gold) from -EARTHTONES- [currently known as (luc)]
Neck: Ambrosia necklace (celistia/gold) from -EARTHTONES- [currently known as (luc)]
Wrists: Gimme Those Wood Bangles – Neutral/Brass from EarthStones
Hair: Li blackcherry from Exile
Eyes: golden forest – freebie (m) from Poetic Colors
Tattoo: Flower Tattoo Fade from :[MudHoney]: Designs
Skin: WL Ultralight – geisha shikomi from Nomine
Pose: whatever from :::sunflower poses:::

Fall Rebel IV - B

Outfit: “Inanna” – Jeweled Bikini Top and Belt from Tekeli-li
Head: *~*Silka antlers by *~*Illusions*~* [gold option]
Ears: BLACK Fawnication from Gritty Kitty
Jewelry: “Inanna” – Full Jewelry Set from Tekeli-li
Back: BLACK Fawnication from Gritty Kitty
Legs: F_Faun_Obsidian from Titania’s Court by Riann Maltese
Hair: Aphrodite champagne from Exile
Eyes: gold flakes – opal (m) from Poetic Colors [old freebie]
Skin: FUR xx +SKIN+ GOLD sacred from +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Pose: *Luth* Posh 13 from Reel Expression

Poses from [Long Awkward Pose]

~ by Terry Toland on November 12, 2009.

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