The Rainbow Goth – Blue Blood’s Fleet

December’s here again, and my blog is rapidly approaching it’s first ‘birthday’. As such, it’s time to shake off some old trappings in order to make way for new. The first thing I’m doing: getting rid of my category titles. With this fresh coating of paint on the ship, and a new first mate in tow, the occasion calls for something appropriately named to continue the play on maritime terminology.

Thank goodness Ghanima named this outfit ‘Fleet’.

+Rainbow Goth+ I

Now that the boat puns are out of the way, I can focus on the original concept that stuck in my head: color. Initially, this frock does not jump out as something that fits in a category with skittles and ice-cream parlor selections- most of the material is black. Which, given that +++BLUE BLOOD+++ is an Elegant Gothic Lolita store, makes sense- ‘black’ and ‘goth’ were married many years ago in the public eye, despite the two of them really only being close housemates with benefits.

No, color makes its mark here by how it plays off the black- the slim center focus piece, coupled with accents around the edges of the body are what really makes it pop. This set comes in five colors, with blue being a special only accessible by the fan group. When blended together, they create something adorable and dark at the same time.

+Rainbow Goth+ IIIThe Fleet series grabbed my attention (and my L$ wallet) because of this ability to mix all of the outfits together and still have a cohesive appearance. Now, with many outfits, you can mix pieces of them, but to be able to swap skirts and sleeves and still have it look properly can be a challenge. The trench-coat attachment, without editing, works the best, as only the back is subject to two different colors bumping up against each other.

The doll-skirt option isn’t as versatile- while terribly cute, you really have to stick with a bottom that matches the top, play Frankenstein (they are copy/mod), or not be OCD. +Rainbow Goth+ IV

This is where socks save the day. In real life, they keep toes snuggly warm, and in Second Life, they provide another accent point for texture to keep the visual connected from top to bottom. Each fleet comes with a set of stockings in its primary hue, continuing the bounce between color and black. If you desire the basic ashen sock – or any other option for any piece – you will need to purchase another full ensemble. Ghanima is not a scrouge, though- each Fleet costs L$300, just like much of her selection. For her lush, silky textures and no edge-seams in sight, I find it money well splurged. And with the mod/copy permissions, you can bet I will be mixing things up to create two-toned skirts and coat-tails.

Oh, I almost forget to mention one cheeky little detail…

+Rainbow Goth+ V
…you can run around in your bloomers, too!

Rainbow Goth - B

Top: Fleet TEAL Shirt, underpants, bloomers from +++BLUE BLOOD+++
Bottom: Fleet PURPLE Trenchcoat from +++BLUE BLOOD+++
Footwear: “Tie me up Dolly” shoe White from .:Periquita:.
Head: FukaFuka-Hones from [PERTURB/ation]
Neck: Fleet RED Collar from +++BLUE BLOOD+++
Hands: Half Glove in Cobolt from (Royal Blue)
Arms: Fleet BLUE Sleeve from +++BLUE BLOOD+++
Legs: Fleet BLACK Socks from +++BLUE BLOOD+++
Hair: Izzy – Black_Blonde from *TRUTH* [former freebie]
Eyes: Heart Eyes from PARALLEL LOVE
Skin: china dollskin seamed – red from Nomine
Pose: Doot Doot from [Long Awkward Pose]

Location: +++BLUE BLOOD+++

~ by Terry Toland on December 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Rainbow Goth – Blue Blood’s Fleet”

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  2. Looking pretty there Little Lady!

    • Thanks, Lizzie! I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I look forward to wearing this set in the future. 🙂

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