I am back!

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I apologize for taking so long to get another entry up. Things have been rather hectic on my end, both in SL and RL. As a gift though, I am giving you not one, but TWO blog posts to drool over! Yes kiddies, thats correct! The next post will follow tomorrow!

Before we get to that, I’d like to take a moment to thank all the hard working people in SL for everything they do, especially around the holiday season. It doesn’t matter if they are designers, models, hunt organizers, etc… they are all working double-time right now to ensure that the rest of us have a happier SL holiday. As such, I would like to remind my readers to please be respectful of those workers who are off-duty. Just because you recognize someone from where they work it does not mean that you can IM them (or approach them in open chat) about getting a hunt hint, or why something costs what it does, etc. We all need a break sometime, you know. 🙂


Today I am showcasing an absolutely fantastic outfit made by the talented Lexbot Sinister. This is my first purchase from her shop and believe me, it will not be my last! Everywhere I go, I am IMed and asked where I found this wonderful outfit. I’m not kidding! This outfit will get you noticed in a heartbeat!

Clearly, its not an outfit that everyone will want to jump and buy. Its very unique, and while some people (like me) enjoy different, some people like to follow what’s mainstream. I find that I can wear this anywhere, even into RP sims and “high fashion” areas, and people will still give very positive comments.

I suggest purchasing this lovely via XStreetsl for the simple fact that the storefront in Necronom can take a very long time to load properly (especially on slightly older computers). Plus, there are items in the store that some may find offensive or be completely grossed out by. So, if your computer is iffy and/or you are easily offended, purchase it off XStreetsl:


My gradings, on a scale of 1-5

Products/Creations (in general): 4
Atmosphere: 5
Products/Creations (Originality): 5
Would suggest to others: 5

~ by Vyrain on December 8, 2009.

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