Leather Goodness

As promised, here is post number two!

Today I have a sextastic outfit by the one and only Azlyn Vaher! Her creations are highly versatile and can be worn for any occasion. This outfit in particular that I’m showcasing today, the Ruff Cat, is by far in my top five most provocative outfits that I own. Not only does this gorgeous ensemble come WITH the boots seen in the picture, it also comes with the shades, neko ears and tail.

The only downside of this outfit that I can see is that the prim parts on the boots are no modify, so if they don’t fit you, you have to adjust your shape a bit. (I was fortunate to have my shape fit the boots perfectly.)

Please note that I am not wearing the neko parts, shades, or the chest piece that came with this outfit in these pictures. I thought it best to go as non-neko to get the optimum shots.

Her store is a mish-mash of interestingness- the creator has outfits that range from the Ruff Cat to Gorean attire to everyday wear. You name it, she probably makes it. Her store has models, too, though I don’t think they are live, so any questions you have will probably have to go right to Azlyn herself via notecard.

Anyway, here is my overall grading from 1-5:

Products/Creations (in general): 4
Atmosphere: 4
Products/Creations (Originality): 3
Would suggest to others: 4

~ by Vyrain on December 9, 2009.

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