Flora – Leaves

Flora - Leaves I

“Every leaf on every tree
And every drop of water in the sea
Every grain of weathered sand
That smashes itself onto dry land
Every stone and every petal, everything that’s elemental
You are never gone.”

~ Jann Arden

Flora - Leaves II

Flora - Leaves III

Flora - Leaves IV

If I left out the FLEURS skin by Fallen Gods Inc. in my series, I’m sure someone would tar and feather me. I use it all the time, although I haven’t explored the male option so much. From my own stance, the skin strikes a primal cord that makes one drool with want. If Tarzan could have have styled himself like this, the loin cloth would have been long gone. The tangled branches creeping upon the form at asymmetric spots add to the raw feeling of this skin.

Keeping with the natural attitude, I choose a wild style that moves as if alive- the Mane of Glory in Earth. The plume of green tipped with brown brings to mind the ferns and fronds an explorer would find amongst jungle. And perhaps if that Indiana Joan is lucky, the rain forest release one of its sons from its overgrown ruins.

Flora - Leaves B

Outfit: FLEURS outfits – Male from +Fallen Gods Inc.+ [lucky chair]
Hair: Mane of Earth – S.E. Swansong(New Textures Preview) + Laurel of Earth(Mouth) from *THE STRINGER MAUSOLEUM*
Eyes: Spring eyes from +Fallen Gods Inc.+ [comes with Fleurs skin]
Skin: FLEURS male Spring Skin from +Fallen Gods Inc.+ [lucky fortune version]
Location: Lost World

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~ by Terry Toland on January 25, 2010.

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