BBB Challenge 2010 – Day 1

Black & White Blogger I

I debated whether or not I wanted to commit, but blogging every day may help keep me sane right now. So here we go- my first entry for the Big Bad Blogger Challenge, 2010.

Black & White Blogger II

Today’s Topic: Why did you become a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

I was encouraged by another blogger to start one up. I feel it’s really helped provide another creative outlet for my life; this has been very beneficial, as sometimes I’m in the mood for something, but drawing just isn’t working and I can’t put it into words for story. Taking photos helps capture what I’m thinking, and from there something – thoughts on the outfit, musings about the environment, or random banter – comes out.

Black & White Blogger III

Today, I’m feeling a mixture of boredom, loneliness, and fatigue. The last one is probably due to staying up late and swallowing a full allergy pill later in the day. The others come from a recent RL break-up. Everything was amiable, and we’re both sane enough to actually have a friendship (as opposed to relationships past) that I shed tears for maybe 15 minutes max and then moved on. But now I don’t have anyone to really kiss, hug, or say good night fondly to. Sure, a lot of it was just going through the motions, but sometimes the motions are nice. Consider breathing- we do it all the time, but if we focus on it or happen to loose it for a little bit, we realize just how much it impacts us (in this case, it helps us, ya’ know, live).

Black & White Blogger IV

Yeah, I’ve got my RL dating profile all up to date and a bunch of stuff that I can (and should) occupy myself. But instead, I’ve dressed up my virtual self and flopped down on the rug of my skybox. It’s comfy and ‘blah’ all at the same time.

Alright, that’s enough dribble from me.

Outfit: *Pish Posh* Cupcake Evening Dress (clothing layers) – black
Footwear: .:Periquita Q-Steps B&W Shoe:.
Hands: (Royal Blue) Punch the Jester Gloves in Mime
Legs: *JetDoll* – Harlequin Suit ~ Stockings Black 100% ~ Love/Hate
Hair: ::69:: Model Hair 01 – offblack –
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Spectrum: Tropicana, halo
Skin: “DEN-DOU” GOTHNEKO #1 Silver skin
Pose: (in hair)

~ by Terry Toland on June 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “BBB Challenge 2010 – Day 1”

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  2. I for one am glad you listened to your friend and started blogging. Hugs!

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