BBB Challenge 2010 – Day 2

Green Heart I

Almost didn’t make it in time for day 2, but here I am! And there’s method to the madness with all the green.

Green Heart II

Today’s Topic: Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life

1. I’m slowly getting back into roleplaying as time permits. It’s difficult while also going to summer school, but that little bit makes me very happy.

2. I don’t feel like I have to go out and buy every single thing I think is attractive or fun. This used to be very difficult, but I feel like I’m more in control of myself, which in turn makes matters less stressful.

3. I don’t feel like that if I don’t get on SL that the world is going to come crashing down. This allows SL to actually be entertainment and relaxing rather than a druggie fix.

Green Heart III

So why rock the emerald? Green is the color of the heart chakra, which deals a lot with positivity and love. This chakra is also connected to air, and by appropriate coincidence, the best green outfit I have is designed with feathers. I feel this especially connects with my three positives because they are connected to a clear atmosphere or freedom of movement.

Outfit: *NR* Swan Lake Dream Green
Footwear: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps – Gold
Ears: *~*Winged Earrings: Gold
Neck: *~*Winged Pendant: Gold
Hair: *TSM* ASSASIN – Special Edition-Guinness Bubbles
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – gold flakes – opal (m)
Skin: BIOLOGIC xx +Fallen Gods Inc.+ SKIN + LAGUNA spores
Poses by: Long Awkward Pose
Location: Lost World

~ by Terry Toland on June 14, 2010.

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