Flora – Fae Blossom

Flora - Fae Blossoms I

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high,
There’s a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby…

Flora - Fae Blossoms II

Flora - Fae Blossoms III

Flora - Fae Blossoms IV

Flora - Fae Blossoms V

This skirt has been one of the most challenging pieces for me to match based on my vision and standards. I know I had to feature it somewhere because it is one of the few separate bottoms in this emphasized floral style, but finding the right top of similar variety almost drove me off my rocker. Fortunately, G Field released their Floral Halter top in Olive, and from there I was easily able to find complimenting accessories to the Spring Bum.

I used one of the newest skins from LaVie as my canvas, Demi v2 in Pale; the ‘bold pastel’ color palette rests beautifully against the flesh tone and this particular make-up was perfect for the outfit. The only critique I have of this epidermis is that for a pale tone, it isn’t as pale as I am used to and under certain lightly, the lighter areas in the ‘T’ section of the face can look washed out. Otherwise, having multiple hair and cleavage options for each skin is absolutely wonderful, as I never know what I’ll need on the fly.

On a final note, this may be my last flora post for a while. While I have and seen many other beautiful overgrown attire and accessories, another love has been nagging at me for attention. And this one may bring a tale with it…

Flora - Fae Blossoms A

Top: Floral Halter Tops -olive-from *G Field* [gift at ICON Lifestyle II]
Bottom: Spring Bum in Spring Violets from (Royal Blue)
Footwear: SueShoo Sandals Green from .:Periquita:.
Head: Spring Fling (Detachable scripted color change flower) from Clawtooth By Clawtooth [part of Spring Fling]
Ears: Melange Earrings – olive from {Zaara}
Back: Ragged Fairy Wings, Natural, Violet and Cyan from Seven’s Selections
Wrists: Melange bangles olive from {Zaara}
Hair: Kissy Kissy – Pepper from .:[ Tiny Bird ]:.
Eyes: *CS* Eyes Mirror Green from *Celestial Studios*
Skin: Demi v2 003 Pale from LaVie
Pose: Photo I – Fantasy-Dolly from [Long Awkward Pose]
Photo II – Fantasy-Puppet from [Long Awkward Pose]
Photo III – Fantasy-Faepose6 from [Long Awkward Pose]
Photo IV – Fantasy-Faepose9 from [Long Awkward Pose]
Photo V – Fantasy-Faepose5 from [Long Awkward Pose]
Photo VI – F-Blogger2-Primskirt from [Long Awkward Pose]
Location: Elfhame

~ by Terry Toland on July 5, 2010.

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