A Mane Attraction

Aquatic Perspective I (Wide View)

With the third act of the Harlequin Tale closed and a vacation on the horizon, an intermission from story-work feels appropriate. And with a certain fair fresh in people’s minds, I thought I would let my muse take inspiration from what is a top my head.

Hair Fair 2010 Entry - A Pale Jewel

A Pale JewelWhen I participate in contests or themes, I prefer to use products from designers that I adore. This is not always the case, but with Hair Fair I have a great deal of creative flexibility and choice. As such, I absolutely had to feature Adam n’ Eve’s Ophelia style in an entry. This is for two reasons:

1. I adore the wrapped braid with long hair and gently waving bangs. Depending on the angle, you can look very mysterious or open and sweet.

2. I received this hair in a fat pack at last year’s Hair Fair out of the kindness of sachi Vixen’s heart. I and another visitor were remarking on how gorgeous it was and how difficult it would be to pick one color, and sachi – bless her heart – gave us fat packs without another thought. This creator is one of the kindest individuals on the grid and would probably give the shirt off her back to a stranger if it made them smile. I have seen her at practically every fair and expo Adam n’ Eve has participated in, actively greeting people that come to her booth. For that, I wanted to create something that made her work shine.

Hair Fair 2010 Entry - Lady of the Lake

Lady of the LakeAnother creator that was I definite must for me is the the incredible Bubbles Clawtooth. He not only gives his darlings fantastic wigs, he is FABULOUS. And I’m not just saying that- he carries himself with the same charisma that wedding designer David Tutera (of My Fair Wedding with David Tutera) and fashion director Randy Fenoli (of Say Yes to the Dress) that keep me watching those frilly-frilly shows. But fear not: Bubbles is far too classy to ever be caught on something like Bridezillas or Nineteen Kids and Counting. Those family moments are best never relived, even with a good wine.

Refocusing on the hair, I adore how it flows and found it the best fit for portraying an Arthurian image that begged to be captured. The lilac hue works beautifully in that it stands out from the blues and metallics while still fitting with the color palette.

Aquatic Perspective II

These are not my only entries, and what I have finished will definitely not be the final ones. What is shown here is merely what I am proudest of and wish to share broadly with the community.

A Pale Jewel - Breakdown

Outfit: White Aria from *Evie’s Closet* [September 2008 Freebie]
Hand: Jareth’sCrystalBall from FallnAngel Creations
Hair: Ophelia _3golden from Adam n’ Eve
Eyes: Eyes – Mirror Green from *Celestial Studios*
Skin: Mosaic Skin Peach – riding hood from Nomine
Pose I: Falling Snow – 03 from [ImpEle]
Pose II: A Toast from [Long Awkward Pose]

Lady of the Lake - Breakdown

Outfit: Waters Edge from Exile
Hand: Caunatha(Female) – Sword from BOXED HEROS
Hair: Veronica Lake (Lilac Dreams) from Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Eyes: Glowing Prim Eyes- Purple from [][]TRAP[][]
Skin: FOAM female + SKIN + from + Fallen Gods Inc. + [lucky fortune prize]
Pose I: Katana – 09 from [ImpEle]
Pose II: Katana – 04 from [ImpEle]
Pose III: Katana – 06 from [ImpEle]

Aquatic Perspective
Outfit: Anemone NiXiE Kit (2.0) from NiXiE by Azaiya Aeon
Hair: Hair Elements WATER – Coke from NIKITA FRIDE
Skin: Kira Skin Gift normal from LaVie [group gift]

Location I:
Location II: The REALM of MYSTARA

~ by Terry Toland on August 6, 2010.

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