An Alternative Strand

Royal Harlequin I
Oh, what a… surprise to see you, Lord Darmoor…

As one of the honorable mentions in the Hair Fair 2010 Flickr Contest and approved bloggers, I was able to slip into the tents early this year and glimpse what the vendors were offering this year. While I found many gorgeous offerings, there was one in particular that demanded my full attention: Hali by Tekeli-li.

And when something from the dark depths grasp you, its wish is your command.

Royal Harlequin II
You’ve always had a way with words and women, haven’t you?

Tekeli-li! dark artistry - Hair Fair 2010 (2) Reminiscent of the alluring Twi-lek, the Hali may entwine itself upon male or female skulls and comes in a vast array of colors, both natural and extraordinary. In addition to being a skilled camouflage expert with the fully-scripted color-change version, Hali can be more than a set of tentacles for the creative owner: in example, I dressed it like an elegant jester’s crown.

Royal Harlequin III
How can you suggest such a thing?! Be gone before my husband arrives!

The Hali’s fine crafted jewels and sculpts leave little more to be desired, if any at all. As I am an odd one, I believe the only thing I would change would be to include the ability to change the color of the flexi parts without changing the rest. Otherwise, this hair will be seeing the stars, sea, and every other genre in between as I make the most of its features. Tekeli-li is also offering a number of other fantastic creations at the Hair Fair, so if Hali does not tickle your fancy, another craft just may…

Royal Harlequin IV
Dark, perverse fool… Such a shame I’m a queen…

As for what is going on with additional text, it relates to an offshoot of The Harlequin Tale, where the heroine is not so ‘full of faith’ and is led into temptation. The scheme is old and probably something I will never fully develop, thanks in part to some odd strings attached and lack of time.

Royal Harlequin - Break down

Outfit: Special Edition – Jupiter from Evie’s Closet
Hands: Punch the Jester Gloves in Mime from (Royal Blue)
Hair: Hali – Scripted from Tekeli-li
Eyes: Eyes – Mirror Green from *Celestial Studios*
Skin: Sylvan China White = mourna black from Nomine
Pose: Click photos for specific poses
Location: The REALM of MYSTARA

~ by Terry Toland on September 5, 2010.

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