Of Gems & Geodes – The Garden

Of Gems & Geodes - The Garden I

As the sun followed its familiar path through the sky, Bellamont cut a new trail through the thicket. He soon lost track of time, but found something much more interesting…

I finally managed to scrape up my own bit of time to continue the second part in my Jewelry Fair-inspired series, Of Gems & Geodes. And like many heroes, our misfit has stumbled a towering, tempting bit of trouble. If you’re not interested in the tale, do not completely skip over the post- a few of some of DECO’s offerings at the fair can be found towards the end!

Of Gems & Geodes - The Garden II

The young man wandered about the castle grounds, captivated by its foreboding features: gray stone thrust up into the pale sky, defiant despite the wind’s erosion; scraggly brush crept about twisted, leafless trees, despite it being summer; and the only the rustling of tumbleweeds and warning calls of the crows joined the sound of his steps over the dry earth. His feet carried him under a dusty arch into a forgotten garden; there, amongst the brittle grass, he discovered a small gem of life. Bending down, he reached out to touch the soft red rose—

Of Gems & Geodes - The Garden III

His mind reeled in his skull while his lungs strained to suck air back into his aching body; he lifted his shaking gaze, trying to make sense of what struck him.

Of Gems & Geodes - The Garden IV

How dare you…” hissed a voice. Before him, the world finally sharpens, bearing a masked figure with an arm cast out in his direction.

I-I was only ad-admiring your garden…” stumbles his tongue while he fumbles to push himself up.

Of Gems & Geodes - The Garden V

Oh, were you now?” coldly clicked the creature. “Well then, admire it all you want… as a slave for your trespassing!

Her wrist swiftly flicked her black fingers into a point, causing the atmosphere to crackle with the sizzle of magic. In an instant, the young man felt a cold, heavy chain settle upon his chest; his hands, once trying to get him upon his feet, now lifted to cover his trembling expression.

Now… get to work.

Of Gems & Geodes - The Garden VI

Days slipped by like the soil between his fingers as Bellamount labored about the neglected castle yards. The metal hanging from his neck was imbued with a spell that disallowed him from venturing beyond his captor’s territory, sending a stinging paralysis through his bones if he tried to sneak one toe out. He eventually shed his tattered tunic and grew a shaggy mop to shade his eyes from the sun overhead, but maintained a hopeful outlook. In his view, he was still alive, provided decent food and shelter, and he was not betrothed to one of the scheming gossipers back in town, so this obstacle in his current adventure was not that bad! While wrestling with a particularly stubborn clot of weeds one afternoon, the chatter above caught his attention.

Of Gems & Geodes - The Garden VI

Unable to resist a bit of fun, the bondservant hoisted himself up into a nearby tree to join the conversation. The birds treated their guest graciously, to his surprise, as he perched among them; he was even more surprised by the glint from the nest that drew his eye. Carefully, his russet fingers picked through the delicate home of his hosts before plucking out something out of place.

Huh… not what you expect to find every day up in the clouds,” he chuckles lightly. Raising his free hand to his chin, he ponders the tiny treasure his has just discovered for a moment, then slips out of the tree. This could work to his advantage.

Of Gems & Geodes - The Garden VII

With his shoulders back and chin up, Bellamont strode back to the castle to present his findings. Hopefully, coming inside early would not get his hair singed.

Of Gems & Geodes - The Garden VIII

His steps eased in their confidence as he approached the inner sanctum, an open throne room converted into a gallery of precious gems. Before a grand glass case enveloping an enchanted rose, the Creature stood in thought, the subtle drifts of its gown remaining silent.

Umm…” his voice hesitates, “E-Excuse me, Sir- err, M-Ma’am?

The mask turns slightly to glance over a padded shoulder before exasperating, “Yes…?

Drawing up a solid breath, Bellamont squares his shoulders band answers, “I found a ring in the garden and thought it best to bring it to you immediately.

Of Gems & Geodes - The Garden IX

His arm managed to stretch out half way before the gloved-wrapped digits slipped into his grasp to snatch the precious item. A bright, bell-like cry startled him-

You found my ring!

But as sudden as the Creature’s joy appeared, the emotion vanished under the flurried folds of its turning gown. Thank you…” the more familiar, dark voice sighs while its hands shuffle into unseen pockets. “I… It accidentally fell out a tower window when I was careless.” The chinkling of metal tip-toes around the black bustle to his ears as it slips on a pair of matching bangles. “I thank you for bringing this to my attention immediately…

The porcelain visage turns back to look at the young man; this time, he catches a glimpse of an ethereal-green gaze.

Perhaps you are not such a nitwit as I thought you were,” it muses, the hint of a smile in its stare. “Your work is over for today. Go wash up and I will find you a fresh set of clothes.

DECO - His Conquest Chain

We rest the story there for now, but there’s more gems to share! Specifically, some of the enchanting pieces by Orchid Zenovka of DECO offered at her Jewelry Fair 2010 stall. When I first saw the His Conquest Chain, I immediately saw it as a focal point in the story, for  its stone texture carries a visible weight while the carvings hold a fantasy feeling to them. An added bonus for me is it’s Modified/Transfer permissions, which allowed me to add a touch of glow when appropriate and possibly go capture my own man with its binding links.

DECO - Gemstravaganza Bangles & Her Ring

I am a sucker for sets, and once I managed to stop drooling over His Conquest, I found myself captivated by the Gemstravaganza Bangles and Rings. The intricate detail work of the metal and stone textures works beautifully with the sculpted prims to create an intricate, yet clean look. The pieces are sold separately, with the rings coming in both a His and Her version, and all of them carry Copy/Modify permissions (which is great when you have large hands). The greatest feature, however, is the jewelry’s ability to match whatever you’re wearing with it’s touch-menu system- the Gemstravaganza line features two metals (platinum and gold) and six gemstones (black diamond, amethyst, sapphire, diamond, ruby, and peridot) options.

Finally, I want to thank Orchid for the plaque she put out in her stall during the preview day- if it wasn’t for her kind invitation, I would’ve been too chicken to ask about her marvelous work!

Of Gems & Geodes - Bellamont I

Bellamont I
Top: Rough-Hewn (Sylvan) from ~GryphonWings~ [tinted and modified]
Bottom: Steampunk: Tied Trousers from ~GryphonWings~ [tinted and modified]
Hands: Stained – Fingerless Gloves – Raw Ivory from [Gauze] [tinted and modified]
Hair: Jake Coffee from Philotic Energy
Eyes: Tranquil Eyes – Allure from IBANEZ Eyes
Skin: Echo Stubble Normal from LaVie
Prop: *~*Long Stem Rose from *~*Illusions*~* [modified]

Of Gems & Geodes - Bellamont II

Bellamont II
Bottom: Steampunk: Tied Trousers from ~GryphonWings~ [tinted and modified]
Neck: His Conquest Chain from DECO
Torso: Body Add-on “Mud on me” from +BOUNCE+ [ProjectDonate item]
Hands: Stained – Fingerless Gloves – Raw Ivory from [Gauze] [tinted]
Feet: Body Add-on “Mud on me” from +BOUNCE+ [ProjectDonate item]
Hair: Miguel – Auburn from Calico Ingmann Creations [tinted]
Eyes: Tranquil Eyes – Allure from IBANEZ Eyes
Skin: Echo Stubble CB Eyeliner Normal CH from LaVie
Prop: Little Birds — gray– from Happy Mood [tinted]

Of Gems & Geodes - The Creature I

The Creature
Outfit: Cyrenia Special Edition – Midnight from [Kouse’s Sanctum]
Top: violetnoir lace shirt from ~silentsparrow~
Face: *~*Volto Puro Femmina: Gemini from *~*Illusions*~* [old version]
Ears: *~*Abyssal Ears: Fairy/Naturals from *~*Illusions*~*
Neck: Marquise Chest Part from **Firefall** [from limited edition set] Arms: Twilight : Gloves from >> ezura <<
Hair: Jennifer – Black from >TRUTH<
Eyes: Tranquil Eyes – Frond from IBANEZ Eyes
Skin: Zombie stage 1 – pale from Nomine

~ by Terry Toland on October 13, 2010.

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