Of Gems & Geodes – Precious Finds

Of Gems & Geodes - Precious Finds I

Something changed that day for Bellamont and the Creature, and continued to change with each sparkling treasure he unearthed from the the castle grounds…

As this year’s Jewelry Fair approaches its closing hour, the tale of Bellamont and his masked captor continues to climb to its climax. Glimpses of exhibition offers can also be found interwoven with the story just beyond the break!

Of Gems & Geodes - Precious Finds II

{Violet Voltaire} Shooting Star Necklace Dollarbie
~*Star Kindler Designs*~ 2010 Jewelry Fair Gift – Star: Rose Gold Set

The weight about his neck grew lighter every day, till one glance in the mirror proved it completely missing. And instead of slaving under a scraggly-maned captor, he worked for a benefactor with an unruly ponytail and wild green gaze.

Of Gems & Geodes - Precious Finds III

Ear Candy Amazon Inspired Set
((RIPE)) Beautifull Macabre Jewelry

And the social misfit, the one that stole away to the woods to avoid women, dared to strike up conversations with the female. His voice would jitter, but her unique, twinkling laughter smoothed away his apprehension.

May I ask a bold question?” Bellamont ventured one day.

If I may ask one in return,” replied the Creature.

Of Gems & Geodes - Precious Finds IV

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Nodding his head, the young man inquired, “Who cursed you?


Well…” he continues sheepishly, “you always wear a mask and live in this huge castle all alone…

I suppose if you believe in fairy tales, it would be logical to assume someone cast a spell on me,” clicks her voice as her fingers trace the contours of a new set of gems, “but there is no curse- I am just a witch who does not like people, and the attire with the location tend to keep them away. You, however, appear to be an exception.”

Of Gems & Geodes - Precious Finds V

Mei Li Jewelry necklace from *Ticky Tacky* [2010 JF Oxfam Charity Set]

As her words sent Bellamont into a blushing shuffle, she swayed over to the top of the tower before taking her turn:

In your time here, you have brought me everything I wanted without question- gems lost amongst the brush, swept walks and trimmed gardens…” she hesitates upon her next words, a sharp breeze brushing over her exposed skin- “honest companionship. All of this, despite how I initially treated you. So, I ask you, what do you desire?

Of Gems & Geodes - Precious Finds VI

In one breath, Bellamont’s discomfort shifted from boyish uncertainty to an uncharacteristic worry. Casting his eyes down, he answered, “I wish… I wish I knew how my mother was. She’s the one that taught me to be kind to others and keep my chin up, no matter what happened. If not for her…

You need not worry,” calmly asserted the other. “I have something that will let you see her. Come, to the gallery.

Of Gems & Geodes - Precious Finds VII

Amongst the cold stone walls and gold filigree cases, the sorceress withdrew a mirror and placed it in the young man’s grasp. The soft light of the castle hall gleamed gently on its polished wood frame while her words flowed about the room:

Tell the looking glass what you wish it to show, and it will appear as it is now, whether the subject is near or far,” she instructs simply.

With a dry swallow, Bellamont nodded and spoke- “Show me… my mother.

The metal glimmered as magic pulsed through the reflector; its handler’s eyes widened with pain before his lips quivered: “S-She’s sick…

His eyes slowly rose from the image of his pale, isolated mother struggling to cook for herself, resting upon the back of the Creature.

M-Ma’am… please…

Go to her, Bellamont,” chilled vocals order. “Do not loiter here any longer.

Of Gems & Geodes - Precious Finds VIII

He began to reach out toward her, his mind clashing with thoughts and emotions, before jerking his hand back. She told him to go- and he would listen. Without another word, Bellamont turned on his heals and dashed out of the castle.

And you, too, would do well to run to the 2010 Jewelry Fair before it ends tonight! These are the final strokes of the clock for exclusive gifts, limited edition versions, and one-of-a-kind auction items, so hail a coach and get down there!

Of Gems & Geodes - The Creature II

Outfit: Cyrenia Special Edition – Snowfrom [Kouse’s Sanctum]
Head: *~*Fairy Ear: Naturals from *~*Illusions*~*
Face: *~*Volto Puro Femmina: Gemini from *~*Illusions*~* [old version]
Ears: Mei Li Jewelry necklace from *Ticky Tacky* [2010 JF Oxfam Charity Set]
Neck: Mei Li Jewelry necklace from *Ticky Tacky* [2010 JF Oxfam Charity Set]
Hair: *DBS*BewareBlackWave from BISHWEAR
Eyes: Tranquil Eyes – Frond from IBANEZ Eyes
Skin: Zombie stage 1 – pale from Nomine

Of Gems & Geodes - Bellamont III

Outfit: beloved thorns lucky chair suite from ~silentsparrow~
Footwear: No wing Boots Black from YABUSAKA
Hair: Romeo – Auburn from Calico Ingmann Creations [tinted]
Eyes: Tranquil Eyes – Allure from IBANEZ Eyes
Skin: Echo Stubble Normal from LaVie
Prop: BeautyMirror **VAIN** from (*chanimations [Vain Inc. group gift]

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