Of Gems & Geodes – Sunset

Of Gems & Geodes - Sunset I
The young man’s feet flew across the landscape, carrying him over thistle and vine, oak and clover, and golden blankets of wheat as he ran back to the village.

Part IPart IIPart III

The climax to this retelling of Beauty & the Beast is on the horizon, and just as Bellamont is returning home, the treasures of this year’s Jewelry Fair are steadily appearing on the shelves at the creator’s main shops. Continue below to discover the hero’s fate and catch the remaining glimmers of this fabulous exhibition!

Of Gems & Geodes - Sunset III

Bellamont skid into town, his formal shoes unable to grip the weathered cobblestones at his frantic speed. With a few off-kilter hops, he regained his balance and raced over the grass patches to his family’s doorstep.

Of Gems & Geodes - Sunset IV

His fingers fumbled anxiously with the latch before the entry burst open; a moment more, and he was scaling the stairs, clutching tightly to the railing as he propelled himself upward. Swinging about to the top of the landing, his nails digging into the old wood banister, his eyes fall upon the master bed while his heart sinks in his chest-

Of Gems & Geodes - Sunset V

A small, frail figure lay curled up in a quilt upon a large mattress; the blanket rose up and down slowly, wavering with each labored breath.

Of Gems & Geodes - Sunset VII Of Gems & Geodes - Sunset VI

Mother!” cried the young man as he droped to his knees. “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…!

Sorry for what?” her old voice inquired, shifting up out of the covers. “My dear son, I knew just by how the sun was shining that you were out on an adventure. And by the looks of you, you’ve had a great one.

Bellamont lifted his head, wiping the back of his hand upon his wet cheek- “But I should have been here for you, mother…

Her bright blue eyes twinkle in the dim light before she replied, “Son, you were never intended to live a provincial life- I knew that from the day you were born. But your heart and spirit carry far beyond where your eyes can see and hand can touch. You never left me, just as your father did. And though it is my time to part from this world, I will never leave you, either.

Of Gems & Geodes - Sunset X Of Gems & Geodes - Sunset VIII

Her son glanced up from his folded hands, his bottom-lip shaking. Before he can protest, she continued, “I found the jewelry you made me when you were but a boy, but my joints stiffened up just as I was about to place the crown on my head. Would you be a dear and help me?

With a dutiful nod, he moved closer to the bed, his large, tan fingers carefully grasping the tiny clay creation and placing it atop her withered brown hair. The crown of color seemed to bring a soft glow to her smile as she looked up at him.

My son… my beautiful Bellamont,” she cooed, “take my jewelry and keep it close. Hold onto the little box till you find that special someone who loves you and supports you on every adventure you take. When you find them, drape my gold about them so I may hold them in thanks and wear your fathers chain so he may hold you with pride.

The man could only nod again, pressing his head into the comforting nape of her neck.

I love you, mother,” he whispered.

And I love you… always…” she sighed with her last breath.

Of Gems & Geodes - Sunset XI

Bellamont carefully shifted his departed mother into a peaceful pose, pulling the still-warm quilt over her delicate frame. The final glimpse of her little smile pushed him to keep his chin up; he removed himself gracefully from his home and, after leaving word with the village priest, struck back out into the wilderness. His strong stride carried him back through the fields and forests, back through the rocky hills, and back across the cracked earth- back to the castle.

Of Gems & Geodes - Sunset XII

He carefully traversed the darkened stone hallways, slipping through the silence to a dusty alcove. The moon cast its long, pale rays through an arched open window, barely lighting a crimson figure in the blackness. In its clawed fingers, a lush red rose softly spun in a slow circle.

Drawing a deep breath, he strode forward to the Creature’s side. He gently placed the magic mirror back in her cloaked lap before stating, “I know not your name, but you have shown me something greater- you, after what pain you have felt, let me, a stranger gain your trust. You saw value in my strangeness and took joy in my simple presence. And I… felt welcome. Though we started off on poor terms, I never felt restless, and what others would call flaws became charms to me. And… in my moment of turmoil, you supported me…

Of Gems & Geodes - Sunset XIII

He bent down on his knee and lifts up the small jewelry box-

Please… may I join your side as your husband?

The rose stopped twirling as the claws softly shrank back into slender fingers, the crimson hood pulling back to reveal two tearing emeralds.

Oh Bellamont…

Of Gems & Geodes - Sunset XIV

The following passages of the sun saw a mixture of grief and joy, with a son burying his mother amongst the lush forests of his new home while preparing to be a good groom to his unique bride. Though, such unconventionality was what he lived for.

Of Gems & Geodes - Sunset XV

It wasn’t a stylish wedding- they had few friends, and the priest was not keen about meeting a witch. But as he watched her twirl about their young spring garden in her ruby gown, he knew that all they needed was the earth, sky, and presence of their Divine to witness them.

Of Gems & Geodes - Sunset XVI
Are you sure you want me for a wife, Bellamont?” she asked, her voice ringing like chimes. “My complexion is nothing like the girls of the village-

And that is even moreso why I wish to be your husband, my Althea, my truth,” he interrupted with a grin and caught her by her hands.

Of Gems & Geodes - Finale

I love you, always and forever.

And I love you, forever more.

And they lived happily ever after. Until I decide to tweak the story so it flows better and provides more detail, anyways. I do want to thank those that have followed along and the designers for their beautiful creations that helped breathe life into this piece. Hopefully, as my year and workload winds down, I can look at them more closely to allow each gem to shine its in own, unique way.

Of Gems & Geodes - Mother

Outfit: [white/pink] -doll- from = Hal*Hina =
Head: DooDum Bird Tiara from DooDads
Ears: DumDum Bird Earrings from DooDads
Neck: DooDoo Birds necklace from DooDads
Wrists: DooDum Bird Bracelets from DooDads
Hair: Taylor merlot from Exile
Eyes: Tranquil Eyes – Allure from IBANEZ Eyes
Skin: Grandma(vecchia) 1 make up from (Baiastice) [Grandma Avatar group gift]

Of Gems & Geodes - Bellamont IV

Outfit: (men’s)(ashes) thorns suit from ~silentsparrow~
Bottom: sylvan pants from ~silentsparrow~
Neck: Beasts CHAINS OF OFFICE ver 1.01 ft.Rs) from Bennelong Design
Footwear: No wing Boots Black from YABUSAKA
Hair: Romeo – Auburn from Calico Ingmann Creations [tinted]
Eyes: Tranquil Eyes – Allure from IBANEZ Eyes
Echo Stubble Normal from LaVie

Of Gems & Geodes - III

Outfit: Cyrenia Special Edition – Ruby from [Kouse’s Sanctum]
*~*Fairy Ear: Naturals from *~*Illusions*~*
Ears: Vintage Rose long earrings (red rose) from ✿Eclectica
Hair: Vintage Rose neckpiece (red rose) from ✿Eclectica
Eyes: Tranquil Eyes – Frond from IBANEZ Eyes
Skin: Zombie stage 1 – pale from Nomine

~ by Terry Toland on November 8, 2010.

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