52 Weeks of Color: Goldenrod Rays

52 Weeks of Color - Goldenrod I

And the peace of heaven to earth is given
In this wonderful time of the golden-rod.

~ Lucy Maude Montgomery

52 Weeks of Color - Goldenrod II

52 Weeks of Color - Goldenrod III

52 Weeks of Color - Goldenrod IV

52 Weeks of Color - Goldenrod V

As with others, the goldenrod challenge was not easy for me- my OCD wasn’t about to let me slide into just any shade of yellow, and I don’t have many pastel golds in my inventory to begin with. So when I saw next week’s features a soft violet, I immediately redid my outfit to feature a skin with both shades- Ello Poppet’s Blossom Flower Fae Skin. Part of Tala Swan’s seasonal fae series, the fantasy skin features a lovely lilac tone dusted with gold fingers and feet (and sells for L$10 at her shop and the Little Big Shop Event!). Be careful, though- if you try to visit after the end of November, you may find yourself free-falling. Ello Poppet’s store will be moving to the virtual realm of SL’s Marketplace in December, so catch this beauty and the hunt items while you can! (Thank you, Trickett, for the information.)

To not take away from the skin, I donned a two-piece lingerie set from PixelDolls’ LoveLace line and lightly tinted it to create a more golden hue. The Champagne strands from Exile required no modification crown the look, while Schadenfreude’s mer-elf ears with their rippled edges add to the whimsy.

And yes, those are prim feet- I finally bought a pair. But they’re not just any sculpted toes- they’re the Exotix line from SLink, featuring curved, pointed nails. I turned the padding off,but these are great for people looking to show a feral side, for roleplay or ravaging a sale. Combined with the ears, they create a creature that could pass for a pixie or an imp, depending on the perspective of those they’ve pranked.

52 Weeks of Color - Goldenrod Outfit

Outfit: ❤ LoveLace~ Exotic, Pearl from (Pixeldolls)
Hair: Aphrodite champagne from Exile
Head: Mer-elf Ears from Schadenfreude
Feet: Exotix Jolie Pied Flat from SLink
Eyes: Opal Eyes – Freebie from Poetic Colors [limited]
Skin: Blossom Flower Fae Skin from [ello poppet]
Location: Realm of Mystara

~ by Terry Toland on November 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “52 Weeks of Color: Goldenrod Rays”

  1. what great photos! its very ethereal 🙂

  2. Wonderfully coordinated and so beautiful!

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