52 Weeks of Color: Sepia Serenity

52 Weeks of Color - Sepia I

“Whatever happens, she’ll deal with it in her art. After her father’s death, she talked about finding an incredible trove of 100-year-old sepia-colored letters in her father’s attic… She talks about what she might do with these letters. She said she might even bring new colors into her palate as a result of the discovery.”
~ Erica Rothman

52 Weeks of Color - Sepia II

52 Weeks of Color - Sepia III

52 Weeks of Color - Sepia IV

Sepia, the color of old family photos, aged letters, and antique lace. Its shades imbue an image with nostalgia, carrying the mind through memories and imagination. Fittingly, one of the two limited edition acrobat outfits by Scribble comes in this historic hue, hugging my shape through all its perfections and flaws.

In real life, I’m approaching one of the major events in my life that will exalt or embarrass me for the past four years of my life, and then some if you count I started schooling at the age of four. After going through the motions of the education system and performing through college, I will be graduating this Saturday.

At like any smart trapeze artist, I’m scared and testing my equipment.

52 Weeks of Color - Sepia Outfit

Outfit: Acrobat Leotards (Falcon Stumblebum Exclusive) from ~Scribble~ [limited edition]
Ears: *~*Mystic Ears: Drow/Naturals from *~*Illusions*~*
Hair: Brady beachboy from Exile[old group gift]
Eyes: Tranquil Eyes – Coffee from IBANEZ Eyes
Skin: Eden v2 (Clove) “Cigno Nero”‘ from :: Exodi ::
Prop: Pearl Trapeze 11 Poses DU3 Exclusive from ~Scribble~ [limited edition]

~ by Terry Toland on December 6, 2010.

One Response to “52 Weeks of Color: Sepia Serenity”

  1. A belated congrats on your graduation! beautiful pictures, beautiful sentiment ❤

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