Extending a Helping Hand – Hellish Helper

EaHH - Red Demon I

Help can come from the most unlikely of characters…

EaHH - Red Demon II

More often than I care to count, video games and internet communities have been framed as unproductive, unhelpful, and even unhallowed; that, somehow, people that work or entertain themselves with these digital mediums are utterly vain and lacking in virtue.

But then, we’re the one’s Extending a Helping Hand.

EaHH - Red Demon III

It’s not the first time we, as Second Life citizens, have reached across wires and waves to touch the lives of others: Fall of 2010 saw floods rip through Pakistan and the creation of Project Donate, while Hair Fair 2010 supported Wigs for Kids and the Jewelers of SL raised money for Oxfam International. And this was only one season of one year.

I guess while the angels are away, the devils will save the day.

EaHH - Red Demon IV

Led by Sanura Sakai, Designer/Owner of Sanu, the Extending a Helping Hand Event features casual, fantasy and a touch of goth genres and ranges from separates to props to body parts, such as the demonic goodness I’m sporting. Everything shown (except my shape… and the sim environment) is available. The FIRE SALAMANDER skin is a limited edition creation from Fallen Gods, Inc.’s SCALES series; originally part of the Wild Released Hunt, the vendor provides both male and female versions… for now. It’s unlikely that this serpentine gem will be readily available on the floor of the Temple after the event due to its exclusive nature, and may only appear again at such special engagements.

Adorning the ruby scales are the horns and tail from the Novae Demon set, Leaping Lizard eyes from the Tenta Avi set, and a limited edition color of the Reversed Double Duster, all provided by The Stringer Mausoleum. In order to help everyone get the chance to lend a hand, Helena Stringer is offering some of her creations at low prices (the Novae set is selling for L$25!). And as urged by the space demoness herself, even if scales n’ tails are not your thing, fly into Extending a Helping Hand to see all that is being offered and see what you can lend in return.

EaHH - Red Demon (break down)

Hair: Reversed Double Duster – L.E. Night Shines Red from *THE STRINGER MAUSOLEUM* [EaHH Item]
Head: Novae Demon Parts~Horns~Special EaHH Edition from *THE STRINGER MAUSOLEUM* [EaHH Item]
Back: Novae Demon Parts~Tail~Special EaHH Edition from *THE STRINGER MAUSOLEUM* [EaHH Item]
Eyes: “Creature Series” Leaping Lizard Eyes~L.E. SeervorOpal Eyes from *THE STRINGER MAUSOLEUM* [EaHH Item]
Skin: FIRE SALAMANDER xy SKIN+ natural from +Fallen Gods Inc.+ [EaHH Item]
Pose I BirdOprey01_Jump01 from 5ifth Order
Pose II BSpider_CrouchArms01 from 5ifth Order
Pose III Dog01_Stand01 from 5ifth Order
Location: Pteron

~ by Terry Toland on January 14, 2011.

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