52 Weeks of Color: Taupe Tough

52 Weeks of Color - Taupe I

Just a dingy-tinged mole, that taupe…

52 Weeks of Color - Taupe II

52 Weeks of Color - Taupe III

After two sultry sets, something within urged me to take taupe elsewhere. Somewhere dark, gritty, and generally unpleasant (although not so far as that there will be mass-meter-bashing tentacled genitalia). Digging into the grime of my closet, I tugged on a tattered top and torn pair of jeans before strapping on a belted shrug. Sifting through the dusty drawers, a dull glint caught my eye, and my green-stained fingers plucked out two rusted dog-tags from urban-adventures long since past. Nearby, I found an off-colored box with a variety of odd copper bits, so I did the intelligent thing and recycled them – into piercings. I then scooted my butt across the floorboards to my bed and reached amongst the dust bunnies and monsters, grappling onto my old mechanic belt and combat boots. With my gear in check, I rolled out to one of my favorite photogenic haunts, the strange town of Innsmouth.

52 Weeks of Color - Taupe IV

It may have left it’s mark on me.

52 Weeks of Color - Taupe Outfit

Top 1: Tattered Top Husk from [Dark Eden]
Top 2: Ruin Hoodie Mushroom from [Dark Eden]
Bottom: Deconstructed Jeans – brown low from Nomine
Mouth: Bone Collector Lip Piercing from Nomine [tinted]
Neck: Sculpted Dog Tags from SiniStyle [tinted]
Naval: Belly Piercing – Pirates! from +DV8+
Waist: Scrap Mechanic belt (Virus Co.) [no longer in world]
Footwear: Long Combat Boots from TonkTastic
Ears: *~*Abyssal Ears: Fairy/Naturals from *~*Illusions*~*
Eyes: Thaumaturge SE: Alchemist eyes from ][.Ruin.][ [now known as .{Rue}.]
Skin: Envy@TYPE.o3-hairBASE-E.o4/w.JEWELS from [redQueen]
Location: Innsmouth, a dark New England coastal town

~ by Terry Toland on March 19, 2011.

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