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Writers: Terry Toland & Vyrain Kaiser


The Tall-Skinny:
Lifestyles of the Broke and Notorious is a blog about the Second Life activities and related matters that Terry Toland and Vyrain Kaiser run into (and occasionally drags their friends through) that warrant writing about. These are commonly – but not limited to – fashion, roleplaying, and socializing.

The Double-Grande with Whip

What are your review policies?

Clickeh here.

Why did you name it Lifestyles of the Broke and Notorious?
While Terry’s not a huge fan of Good Charlotte, the song – Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – is highly amusing to her When generating possible titles for the blog, she took it to mind and twisted it to better represent her: lacking in Lindens and not well known. After musing over some other options, this one came out on top.

What does XYZ mean in your post titles?
Terry’s tried to use lyric segments from the song Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous to organize her various posts and make it her own. They break down into the following-

In the Rolling Stone = A review of a specific designer or brand
Read it in the Magazine = An exploration into a particular style or genre
As Seen on TV = An exploration of a type of item (IE, kilts)
Someone Else’s Shoes = A look at a specific item or product (more focused than As Seen on TV; IE, Callie Cline’s Bubble Dresses)
Life Out on the Street = A post relating to the social spheres of Second Life
Money is Such a Problem = A response to a blogger challenge, meme, or related
Think I Could Solve Them = A challenge, meme, or related that I propose to the community
A Day or Two = A primarily story-like or roleplay-related post
Mayor of DC = A completely random post
FT = ‘Freebie Thingie’ or ‘Freebie Telegraph‘ (these posts usually coincide with something I wrote on that blog; I am no longer and author there, and I do not write about freebies specifically very much anyone more)
Look of the Day = A post about something I was wearing that day that looked cool or such (these may have variations between the words)

Older posts may not have these in their titles because she’s making these things as she thinks she needs them. Vy might not follow these rules at all.

Second Life® and Linden Lab® are registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. No infringement is intended.

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