Review Policies

I tend to review things I already have in my inventory or personally buy and places I enjoy visiting. However, I’m happy to blog about a place, creator and/or specific items. Please see the below for more information.

1.) Folders, please!
It’s much easier for me to find and remember things if they are in folders. Please put everything in a folder titled !LotBaN – Your store/place name here. I also appreciate notecards giving the gist of what something/somewhere is about and any other information that can be provided. I’d love to hear what your inspiration was!

2.) Patience, please!
Depending on the item/area, it may take me time to write a post. This is based on my real life obligations and creativity levels. Don’t expect something within 24 hours or less. I do not mind friendly pokes about how I’m doing or the progress, but ‘friendly’ is the key.

3.) Respect and kindness are a given, but preference is not.
It is always a pleasure to receive someone’s creation and be asked of my opinion. However, I can’t guarantee that I’ll fall in love with it. That in mind, I might not say I personally adore it, but I will put forward a good word. If I happen to find something ‘off’ with your item, I will contact you privately and as politely as possible.

4.) No charge.
I only ask for items or landmarks for reviews. I do not charge for writing, as it’s a hobby and pleasure to do so. I won’t refuse tips, but that’s not what this is about.

5.) Male, female, transgendered, and every color of the rainbow.
I have a variety of shapes and no qualm being a particular gender, race, or species at your request.

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