Happy Days – LotD Early-Mid August

Originally posted on my Sl Go-See blog.

For those of you who are curious, I’ve been away for a bit due to a guest- my partner visited me from out of state , so I was paying attention to him and the rest of my family. These shots were taken earlier, but as noted, I really wasn’t apt to get them tidied up right away.

This ensemble I’ve worn around a few times, though of course once I took it off, the dress went into hiding in my inventory. After digging a bit (and being teased by my bro), I found the black/pink Starry Dress by *katat0nik* (of Axis Mundi), then wondered why I didn’t type ‘kata’ in my inventory search bar. Yeah… Anyways, the pink Legwarmer boots are also by *katat0nik* (yay for easy color matching!) and I tied it off with a sleek yet bouncy Lesley ponytail by Calico Ingmann Creations.

I tried a few different facelights in an attempt to get a good balance of haze and clarity without messing too much with the region’s natural atmosphere. Which was tricky- either it was too bright or really only my face showed. Add ‘build better body lamp’ to my to-do list.

So where the heck was I that surrounded me with little birds and rabbits? Why, the all-new HappyMood sim! It opened on August 9th, simultaneously with the Creators Stamp Rally kick-off (which I should really look into more, since there’s free stuff; I think I’m just intimidated by it being written mostly in non-English), and it is like stepping into a storybook.

Or you can step on the storybook, like I did while modeling. Just watch out for the rabbits- never know which one will be dynamite.

If you got the Monty Python reference, good for you! If not, we’re moving right along. Presented here is the landing point, and you can decide whether or not you want to hop between the stepping-stones or walk through the ankle-high water. Really up to how playful you’re feeling.

As you’re entering, you’ll see the COYURA CREATION store on the left, which has some incredibly cute furniture pieces for the small, and the most adorable little unicorn-tot I’ve ever seen. It has little sock hoofies and a wittle horn! I think you can still see it if you walk over to the tree-house on display in the back.

It’s definitely a relaxing shopping environment all on its own (while waiting there for a bit, I ran into and overheard some shoppers who were definitely not pleasant and pretty oblivious to everyone else’s feelings), and I personally was excited for it to be open. I was waiting to pick up one of their little birds for some personal photos, and I highly recommend them to others.

The HappyMood sculpted creatures are some of the best because they are not only finely made but have more realistic qualities because of their subtle movements and – at least with the birds – gentle chirping. The feathered-creatures only peep every now and then, providing a nice ambiance without being too irritating. I don’t think the bunnies make any noise, but I could be wrong. You’ll just have to swing in and find out yourself.

~ by Terry Toland on December 17, 2008.

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