As Seen on TV: Kilts in the Field

Since my last post, there seems to be a stir amongst creators with this wonderful article for men. Granted, I’m not the first blogger to write about and advocate for kilts, but you can bet I’m tickled with this development. Here are some of the latest releases that I’ve stumbled upon:

Snow Dragon set by Sn@th

This sweater and kilt set is the Snow Dragon, part of the Winter Magic at the Black Swan event. Ivey Deschanel, the Sn@tch creator, has yet to release the product images on her site, so we’ll just have to make due with one Winter J. prancing around. This is my favorite of the collection, for not only is it a male option, but there is a ‘cool warmth’ to the pieces. The long sleeves and cotton textures show that this is clearly a winter ensemble to keep the chill off, but the monochromatic scheme can casually turn an individual into a being of the season, itself. These opposing elements make the name ‘dragon’ appropriate, as in some legends, these mythic beasts can blend and bend realities.

Be sure to check out the Snow Dragon and other beautiful gems at the Winter Magic event before it disappears! The last show is January 9th at 7PM SLT/PST, and after the last performance, everything will melt away.

My Girlfriend Bought Me This Kilt by Subtle Submission

Subtle Submission© recently posted their new “My Girlfriend Bought Me This Kilt”, which I spotted this one on the fashion feed. As you can imagine, it made me grin from ear to ear- I get all sorts of things for Sentrosi to wear (sometimes beating him till his black and blue all over). Sometimes gals just have to throw things on their men so they can see how comfortable and great they look. This simple kilt with its dark colors and medium length can be paired with multiple tops, making it a great nudge into this style. Another bonus is that Subtle Submission© features the item at their main store, OnRez, and Xstreet SL.

Bytterwynds by House of RFyre

Finally, House of RFyre has released two kilt sets that are causing me to count my pennies. As opposed to the Snow Dragon, here the individual is wrapped in the shadows of a winter night in the Bytterwynds collection. The first set carries a black leather feel and plays between casual, formal and goth, depending on how one wears the options and accessorizes. The second comes with a sage/peridot green sweater and patterned kilt, creating a transition from darkness to spring. These can be picked up at their main store or on Xstreet SL.

Bytterwynds by House of RFyre

~ by Terry Toland on January 7, 2009.

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  1. oh wow, thank you for posting my kilt!

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