Look of deh Parteh~!


Originally uploaded by Achariya

ZOMG, like, Achariya totally asked me to dance at Katat0nik’s First Anniversary Ice Cream Party! And, like, she totally groped me! It was full of awesome and win!

Emo tear because I was only there for maybe 10 minutes at max. ;_;

And this is why I don’t get anything done on time, if at all. 😛

Outfit: (pink) Freebie Star Dress from *katat0nik* [old freebie?]
Top: meltingCandyBlue from ~momo~
Footwear: Hya Boots Cloven – Starlite from [Lazy Places] [Harold location]
Head: *~*Unicorn Horn: Sterling/Copy from *~*Illusions*~*
Mouth: Pinata Prize: Chilly Bar – Strawberry from [fat.candy]
Neck: Pinata Prize: Cream Pop Necklace – Lemon from [fat.candy]
Wrists: Cuppycake Bracelet One and Two – Birthday from {Violet Voltaire}
Back: Lion flexi tail – Advanced from The WereHouse Avatars!
Hair: Marlei – black from Gritty Kitty
Eyes: Eyes – Mirror Green from *Celestial Studios*
Body Adornment: yummyTattoo from ~momo~
Skin: The Eye 01 F Tone1 Green from [][]Trap[][]
Pose: female ::: springtime from :::sunflower poses:::

Look of deh Parteh~!

~ by Terry Toland on April 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Look of deh Parteh~!”

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