A Day or Two: The Captain’s First Mate

The Captain's First Mate
Steer toward the Style It! – SL Style Challenge for Month 2 and vote for your favorite rendition of (Milk Motion)’s My Admiral Vest

This was not what little girl’s dreams were made of…

When her young mind wandered, she imagined dancing upon shining golden planks as the sea breeze played with the folds in an elegant gown and the baubles in a sunhat. Reality was not so sweet and carefree: her bare feet walked on an aged, battered deck, while the whip of the ocean wind lashed at her skin and tugged at her hair. The only thing ruffled in these parts were the crew members’ dispositions, especially around her, the ‘bad luck charm’. If it wasn’t for the captain, she might have experienced a fate worse than a watery grave.

Yet… something about this surly lifestyle fed a fire within her belly. Though she began as a captive and evolved into a lover, the new first mate knew that the captain would not have given her the position if he did not see her as capable. Something in her seafaring musings, her self-spurred review of the ship, and her eagerness to listen to his thinking-aloud had earned more than trust- she had the pirate’s respect.

And tonight she might acquire that final, golden doubloon- his heart.

Styling and updates after the break.

Burtonesque Photo Competition - Hansel & Gretel RetoldA bunch of tasks have been checked-off my personal to-do list and some others have been added on. As shown here, I was able to complete (and turn in) my entry for the Style It! – SL Style Challenge for Month 2, featuring (Milk Motion)’s My Admiral Vest. (Thank you so much, Valena, for giving me the OK to put it through!) I was also able to put together my entry (shown on the right) for the Burtonesque Photo Competition. Hopefully, my post for the Nocturne Modelling Blog will be approved soon, too, as I also wrote a story for it (and made up the connecting post for here already).

Bearing that in mind, I do have some other projects on the horizon. Getting the BUBU review post done was a good start to get me into the mindframe of showing different products in a uniform fashion, which will be helpful as I gear up for pieces for WindMeUp, La Petite Morte with House of Ruin, Belle Belle, and (if I have the will to live still) Haven Designs. I also have some general story/theme ideas I’d like to work on: a harlequin tale, dark-urban roleplay character backgrounds, Lady Marmalade 2000 cosplays, flora-overgrowth imagery, and taking something by a famous cute-styled designer and turning it into fetishwear. Depending on my mood, I might make the last one a challenge. Of course, this is all going on amongst Real Life with finding a job or volunteer position for the rest of the summer, battling finances, getting my family (father) to like my new boyfriend…

Yeah, I’m busy. But I haven’t forgotten (I think) about all that’s on my plate, and I am hammering away at it. Keep watching my blog to see what churns out next!

Top: My admiral vest from (Milk Motion)
Nose: Nose Stud – color change – gunmetal from Eolande’s [L$0 in Ohana Isle Welcome Center gifts WOMEN’S]
Neck: Chains Necklace (w/Beads) Gold from Chloe
Wrists: Trimmed Stone Bangle – Apatite/TigersEye/Gold from EarthStones
Hair: Ana Lu – Black from *TRUTH*
Eyes: Eyes – Mirror Green from *Celestial Studios*
Tattoo: Black Magic (faded) from Canimal [top modified]
Skin: Madelaine 1 Year Special from Damiani Fashion Design
Prop: Wrinkled Blanket Sculpt 5 from [Foursquares]
Pose: Marilyn from [Long Awkward Pose]
Location: Black Spot sim

~ by Terry Toland on May 30, 2009.

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