FT: Something Seldom for Everyone

Seldom Lucky III

No, I have not abandoned the blog. And I’m not lazy, either. I’ve been juggling a few matters or ten, and poor little LotBaN had to sit on the back-burner for a little bit. But enough about my personal dilemmas- there’s goodies to be had. (SELDOM BLUE) updated their lucky chairs and I have a peek at what’s coming out!

Seldom Lucky I
Behold, the quartet of lucky chairs. Found on the right side of the store, they change every 20 minutes and contain a variety of pieces. While IndigoBlue updated them last week with four items, previous prizes are still available, such as the dress shown above the G on the left side. There are other treats about the store, too, but to feature them all would take longer than I have. (My family has found crowbars and pitchforks to get my out of my room.) The first picture in the post features the day wear ensemble, Ann Suit in Pearl/White. Normally L$200, the outfit comes with two styles of top – one with belt and one without – on the shirt and jacket layers and simple black slacks with optional prim bell-bottom attachments. While an up-do hairstyle, basic heels and a simple necklace strand can dress this up into a business outfit, I decided to let my locks down and sport an open-toed square heel while leaving the jewelry at home to create chic, urban-hippie feel.

Seldom Lucky IV

The second new item in the lucky set is the Sassy Dress in Blue. This pleat-style mini normally goes for L$125 and is great for the summer sun. The flower print brings a sweet cuteness to the piece, while the short cut keeps it flirty. It’s not the most friendly piece with big-bottom girls, so if you’re like me and do not change your shape, it will require some modification.

Seldom Lucky V

Next is a creation from the Eternity Silks division of the store, the Innocence Silks in Gold. The shimmery alpha textures emanate an ethereal aura, while the floral pieces bring out the set’s name. Four pieces make the L$495 set, including a delicate accessory for the brow. As the prims are not solid, they can flicker amongst each other and the environment, but they’re such a steal for being in the lucky chair.

Seldom Lucky VI

Finally, the Eva Lace Cami in White finishes the day. Normally L$100, the see-through nightie is simply sensual without being overly frilly. The classic rose pattern falls softly off the body and is great for tan or darker tones. With this piece and the silks I’ve used the ultra-kissable skin from [ATOMIC]‘s lucky chair.

Seldom Lucky II

As I was perusing the shop, I had the great fortune to see a work in progress of IndigoBlue’s. I didn’t inquire into too much, but this lovely mermaid dress was a beauty to see. If you want to be one of the first to see when this dress makes its debut, swing into the main store or follow the (SELDOM BLUE) blog. Until then best of luck with all your chair hunting!

If you would like to know what exactly I’m wearing, poses I’m using, or the location, please ask in comments. I’m giving into some laziness for this post.

~ by Terry Toland on July 15, 2009.

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