Look of the River Angel

River Angel I
At last, the sun peeked through the thick gray clouds to shine upon the ice and snow- the long, cold winter was over. As the rays of light danced upon the old blanket of white, drops of crystal began to slip away from the mountain’s covered cap. The drops steadily collected together and gaining momentum- the tiny ‘plops’ grew into ‘splishes’, and the ‘splishes’ grew into ‘splashes’; soon, a constant, shimmering ‘shhhh’ whispered about the land. The drops had transformed into a stream.

The stream continued to grow as it ran down the mountain slope, grasping onto other trickles of water in its path. Down, down, down, bigger, and bigger, and bigger- the stream became a river. With a larger body, she traded her giddy twists and turns about the rocks to a more graceful, focused flow. The pebbles of her bed caused her surface to sparkle with color, while fish played with the sun and moon she held amongst her mane. But as she danced across the land, she knew her solo was coming to an end. At some point, she would kiss the great blue ocean- as every year, she was his summer bride.

River Angel III

River Angel II
I have been avoiding lucky chairs for a little while now- my inventory is packed, people do not always mind their manners, and while I do like to multi-task , more and more places are becoming no-build and I have other places I need to be. But when I saw the *BOOM* wings, I had to have them.

And then I had to dig through my gargantuan pixel wardrobe and ensemble to match them. Such is life for us fashion-types, no? After creating two outfits with a water-focus, the concept of the winter-melt and formation of moving water bodies stuck with me. I did my best to write a small story with all my thoughts above; no idea if I succeeded or not.
River Angel IV
I’m not entirely happy with this photo set; admittedly, it was rushed due to wanting to capture the outfits and move forward (I’m still trying to trim the item count) while also not feeling amazing in RL. I might do another focus on the wings in the future, especially as they can play between water or frost.

River Angel - i

Outfit: (teal) Ghostfire Dress from *katat0nik* [old dollarbie]
Bottom: (black) Leggings from *katat0nik* [part of (grey) Ghostfire Dress; old dollarbie]
Footwear: The Alice Cullen Ballet Flats – bright blue/silver from {Cherry} of House of London
Ears: Heart Container Earrings:Black/Teal from {Violet Voltaire}
Neck: Heart Container Necklace:Black/Teal from {Violet Voltaire}
Back: Aranel’s Diamond Heart Wings (teal) from *BOOM*
Wrists: Glitterati Bracelets: Black from {Violet Voltaire}
Hair: Lolita 8ball from Exile [with included simple heart barrets, tinted]
Eyes: Spiral Cyan from [][]TRAP[][]
Skin: Aether – Ultramarine from Nomine
Pose: Fae Dolly from [Long Awkward Pose]

River Angel - ii
Outfit: Water Nymph Adrie in Aqua from *Nicky Ree*
Footwear: Fresh – Blue from Pixel Mode
Ears: *~*Sacred Heart Earrings: Sterling from *~*Illusions*~*
Neck: *~*Sacred Heart Necklace: Sterling from *~*Illusions*~*
Back: Aranel’s Diamond Heart Wings (teal) from *BOOM*
Wrists: Melancholy Bracelet – Silver/White from {Violet Voltaire}
Hair: Luna – Midnight from Calico Ingmann Creations
Eyes: Spiral Cyan from [][]TRAP[][]
Skin: Aether – Ultramarine from Nomine
Pose: Other Shoulder from [Long Awkward Pose]

Location: Carnivale

~ by Terry Toland on November 19, 2009.

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