Mayor of DC: This is Krissmuss

+Twisted Krismuss+ Uniform II
‘Tis the season, I suppose, and I’ve spread myself out over the ‘net again like a stray glob of cranberry sauce hitting the kitchen floor. As a Twisted Krissmuss Elf, I’ve tossed up posts on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and a general Krissmuss introduction with tips on how to improve your SL shopping experience. I have a ‘Cyber Monday’ post in the works for over there, too. (Sadly, the site is down at the precise moment I’m working. Never send gnomes to do an elf’s job.) My first TK present was also dropped on me, so expect to see that up in the near future.

.!CN!. Splat

As of December, I will also be trying to blog once a month for the Nocturne Modelling Agency as part of its revival; I have the idea of doing something related to the season(s), but it’s fairly vague at the moment.

With Rezzable, I hope to do one or two fashion-trend focused post, this time looking at the holidays and winter. The 2010 event may also have me hoppin’, considering my cybernetic connections.

Finally, I’ve started a blog for my small eclectic store, .! Chaotic Neutral !.. Because I deal mostly with freebies, you can imagine that the changes with XStreetSL really rubbed me the wrong way. Fortunately, I have gotten fully set-up on Apez, and I am working on my virtual storefronts with other online markets such as Metaverse. If you want to know more about what I do and what I offer, just check out the first link.

I am not sure where this all leaves my personal blog; certainly not abandoned, but definitely aloof. There’s only so much I can do when I’m bouncing all over the place in Sl and RL. In the coming weeks will be major project deadlines and final tests, alongside a scramble to make my Christmas gifts. Such is the life of the insane, I suppose.

~ by Terry Toland on November 30, 2009.

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