Demon Distration

Demon Distraction I

So I’ve been lead into temptation- does that make me a bad blogger?

Demon Distraction II

Be it RL or SL, I’m notorious for getting distracted and procrastinating (even got a half of an ear-full about it yesterday). I’ve been playing an online game with a new friend heavily, and the rest of my time tends to be spent watching wedding or cooking shows. This has, in turn, led me to putting of projects, such as the following part to The Harlequin Tale. I finally sat down last night and edited all the images shot a about a week ago, so hopefully the next series will be posted tomorrow.

Demon Distraction III

Another actor in the delay was this outfit. Originally put together for the Lingerie Masquerade at Bad Blood, I simply could not take it off for even a moment, thereby neglecting the costumes for the story shoots. But can you blame me? It’s the perfect trap: showgirl burlesque plus a black & white harlequin pattern mixed with devilish intrigue and a mask. If we had her posed with some edible entree, I may have never taken it off.

Demon Distraction IV

Oh, and it made my but look cute. Tee-hee, tee-hee.

Demon Distraction - A

Outfit: Black and White Burlesque Costume from *Reasonable Desires*
Footwear: “Tie me up Dolly” shoes White from .:Periquita:.
Head: *~*Harlequin Columbina: Female from *~*Illusions*~*
Ears: *~*Punky Ears: Fairy/Naturals from *~*Illusions*~*
Neck: *~*Harlequin High Collar from *~*Illusions*~*
Back: Drow&Elf Demon Tail from [][]TRAP[][]
Wrists: Skulls N Ribbons Wrap from Draconic Kiss
Arms: Signa Arm Tat from Tacky Star
Hair: Gibson Girl Hair – Raven from (Miriel) [no longer in world]
Eyes: Lupine: Red Fade from ][ . House of Ruin . ][
Skin: “Lolligagger: Red Mask” Skin from Tacky Star
Pose: Photo I & II – Oldskool Glam from [Long Awkward Pose]
Photo III – Got The Time from [Long Awkward Pose]
Photo IV – Marilyn from [Long Awkward Pose]
Photo V – Fresh New from [Long Awkward Pose]
Location: Innsmouth, a dark New England coastal town

~ by Terry Toland on July 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Demon Distration”

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  2. How I understand you… 😉

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