Pearls of Delight

Bubbles MerGee I
Dive into the sea of thought, and find there pearls beyond price. ~ Moses Ibn Ezra

A week of Hair Fair has already rushed by, heralding new designers from creators, a variety of reactions of attendees, and one or two hairy situations that clogged up some social drains. While their songs are captivating, I’ve swum against the current of troubled sirens and found haven in the beauty of creativity nurtured by this event. And the work that embodies this spirit for me is The Stringer Mausoleum‘s Pearl Persuasion.

Bubbles MerGee II

The glorious Helena Stringer has been concocting creations since her return to Second Life in early August, and her fans have avidly watched as she released new delights on Woeful Wednesdays. Naturally, with such a variety of items being produced, only the unorthodox creator had an idea of what the future of Hair Fair 2010 held.

Bubbles MerGee III

The stars smiled eager Stringer adherents, as not just the requested three, but five new hair styles appeared in Helena’s tent at the event. The mixture of fantasy wigs and rebellious ‘dos are an excellent sample of the exotic treasures, with the limited edition style crowning them all. A gentle mix of light pastels wash over the opulent orbs that comprise the Pearl Persuasion, creating a truly magical look and feel. As it is also an 100% donation item to the Wigs for Kids foundation, this was a definite must-have this year for me.

Bubbles MerGee IV

While the hair is copy/modify, the most I did was turn off the full-bright and add a touch of glow for photos. Otherwise, every detail feels perfectly positioned, and the only challenge that remains is finding the right outfit and accessories to work with it. If you’re not one for fins and flippers, I suggest peaking at Ashia Tomsen’s post featuring some of Helena’s recent creations for more inspiration.

Bubbles MerGee - Break down

Outfit: Strippable Bubble Costume with HUD from *Reasonable Desires*
Body: Treasure Kit (2.0) from NiXiE by Azaiya Aeon
Hair: (HF2010) Pearl Persuasion – Hairfair Exclusive! from *The Stringer Mausoleum* [limited edition color]
Eyes: Treasure Eyes (Entranced) from NiXiE by Azaiya Aeon [part of the kit]
Skin: FSkin_LuckySkin_Sunkissed (Freck) from [ATOMIC] [lucky chair]
Pose: Click photos for specific poses
Location: Realm of Mystara

~ by Terry Toland on September 10, 2010.

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