52 Weeks of Color: Plum Perfect

52 Weeks of Color - Plum I

What is more mortifying than to feel that you have missed the plum for want of courage to shake the tree?
– Logan Pearsall Smith

52 Weeks of Color - Plum II

52 Weeks of Color - Plum III

52 Weeks of Color - Plum IV

The light shade of purple dubbed plum for this week’s color challenge actually had me scratching my head and clawing at my inventory. I suppose I could have pulled out a lovely soft lilac gown, but it wouldn’t really go with the redQueen skin with runny mascara or the 69 short-crop hairstyle I already pulled out. Besides, it’s not often I do (or can) put together a ‘normal’ outfit.

Unfortunately, as I don’t do casual-couture very often, I’m struggling with my typically ‘fanciful’ vocabularly. The super-tight mini from Malfean Visions varies the shades of light purple throughout the material, creating body without overwhelming the wearer; however, the skirt flap was no-modify, which is a problem for my shape’s hips n’ butt. On the other hand, it was a gift through the Midnight Mania, so I can’t complain.

I tugged on some tights, slid into my shruggie, and pulled on some comfy boots to personalize and accessorize- it’s farkin’ cold where I am, and my avatar can reflect how I prefer to be bundled up right now.

52 Weeks of Color - Plum Outfit
Outfit: .:.::Fusion Mini – Lilac::.:. from .:.:: Malfean Visions ::.:. [Midnight Mania gift]
Top: (lavender) shruggie top from ~silentsparrow~ [limited]
Bottom: Light Tone – Solid Tintable Lycra Tights from G.L.A.M. [currently known as Viva La Glam]
Footwear: Elsa Boots – Black from [SC] Surf Couture
Hair: CHROME – Purple – hair from ::69::
Eyes: Tranquil Eyes – Walnut from IBANEZ Eyes
Skin: [rQ]Pride@TYPE.o1-P.o2/w.TATTOO skin from redQueen
Location: /\lruneia Sentry

~ by Terry Toland on November 30, 2010.

One Response to “52 Weeks of Color: Plum Perfect”

  1. I just saw the photos on the feeds and I was hoping you did this for the challenge! ❤

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