FT – Meet Virginia: Limited offer from Lemania Indigo & Blood Diamond

Notice! Lemania Indigo Designs is offering the dress featured for L$1 for one day (today, January 31st), and if the gown is worn to Blood Diamond and the owner is available, you will get the accompanying jewelry for free!

Meet Virginia

She owns a dress, and her hair is not quite a mess, but the song “Meet Virginia” by Train still comes to mind with this ensemble. Lemania Indigo originally pictured her as a cropped, sassy red-head, and while she is a very bold woman, I can still see her as a quirky diner waitress.

And while she has a gorgeous gown, it still speaks to the life she’s already lived: it’s not pure white, but a vintage gold. The floral designs in the lace are reminiscent of the inviting table cloths at the small restaurant, as well, and the folds sway with their own personality.

The pearls are elegant and high class, a treasure passed from mother to daughter for generations to accent any body shape or color beautifully. Their hues speak of the many joyful women that have worn them throughout the years and promise to delight the youngest Belle. She’s definitely made the moment her own, though- while her hair is up, she could still spin about the linoleum to take orders without getting strands in anyone’s soup or salad.

Such a gown deserves a very special place for pictures, in my mind, so I stole away to Midsommer Isle while I had the chance. The natural lighting and romantic build suited the occasion perfectly, as well as holds many wonderful memories for me. For those seeking a romantic scene, I highly recommend it.

Outfit: Virginia by [Lemania Indigo Designs]
Jewelry: “Virginia” by Blood Diamond
Hair: Laydee hair by /Fuel/ [found at Savoir Hair, L$0]
Eyes: Mirror Green from *Celestial Studios*
Skin: Peaches – Virginia (w/ freckles) from {Frick} [old group gift]

~ by Terry Toland on January 31, 2009.

3 Responses to “FT – Meet Virginia: Limited offer from Lemania Indigo & Blood Diamond”

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