Someone Else’s Shoes: Hiketsu Keys

Quite a few projects have littered my mad to-do list; at times, I am surprised I still have all my fingers with all the scrambling I have done. But with each task (and surprise assignment) completed, my eyes would flitter over to the gleaming objects nestled safely in my inventory. Every now and then I would take a moment to click one in and tinker with blueprints. Torq Benelli had entrusted me with these beautiful devices for a very important job: make the Hiketsu shine.

WindMeUp - Cyber Hiketsu I

These latest keys from the WindMeUp workbench are the cousins of the Lire’s Key and Sunflower Key, but carry a very unique ability apart from the family thus far. While a creative mind can easily find ways to change the feel of the accessories, the Hiketsu’s design inherently has multiple styles. Japanese elements originally inspired Torq, and they can easily be identified by the open-fan shape or the clean, sheen textures like that of a samurai’s sword. The polished and sharp yet round composition could also throw one back to the class of the American 1950s, upping the adorable ante with a poodle skirt and ponytail.

WindMeUp - Cyber Hiketsu II

I, however, decided to go beyond the present and draw on the spark of times yet known.

WindMeUp - Cyber Hiketsu III

Compared to other works, this set thrust me into a futuristic mind-frame. My tastes have always lingered back and forth between fantasy and science fiction, so I dove into this far-side of the pendulum opportunity. With each of the five keys – DeepSea (blue), Innocence (Purple), Midnight (black), Blood (red), and Emerald (green) – I was drawn to not only piece together a particular outfit, but travel across the grid to capture them in the perfect settings. Along with the thrill of exploration, I learned more about photographing, for the mechanical stars’ shine feature reacted in particular ways to the environmental sun and would not interact with local lighting.

WindMeUp - Cyber Hiketsu IV

Torq, himself, has always gravitated towards creation. In his own words,

“[I started building on my third day in SL. I seem to have a knack for it.] I started with no knowledge of scripting, and built up a simple object that spun. It reminded me of a key’s action, so I started building off it. It soon grew from 1 line of code to over 650. Gradually I built in special effects, permissions, a Restricted Life Viewer control set, texture and color change… anything I could find.”

WindMeUp - Cyber Hiketsu V

Thus, the Hiketsu and other WindMeUp products come with an array of options, including an update feature if the creator adds another feature to the movement, multi-permission touches, particles, and specialized viewer choices already included. One of the options I discovered after the shoot was the option to toggle the shiny, fullbright, and even rust textures under Settings. For all of the options and painstaking attention to detail, Torq understandably asks for a pretty credit of L$400 for each key. Considering how expensive other jewelry (as these are not just accessories) can be, it’s not unreasonable. The only major drawback they have is that they are no copy, no modify, and no transfer; that being said, Torq will make custom items, so if you have an issue with the size, he’s willing to assist (just be sure to leave him a notecard and not an IM). From time to time, he will also offer products for free or L$1 for a limited time and announces these engagements in his SL system group, WindMeUp, and sometimes the Vain Inc. group. If you are seeking a multi-faceted yet extraordinary item to add to your look, take the time to investigate the five Hiketsu or their brethren. You might dazzle yourself with what you unlock.

WindMeUp - Cyber Hiketsu Outfit Line-Up

Blue Outfit: Nadeshiko Blue from ::: Bare@Rose :::
Footwear: Rose & Gold Geta from Orchid Dreams [No longer in world]
Neck: Asian Flower Necklace -Metallics – Small from Haunted Zuzu Clothing [modified]
Back: Hiketsu DeepSea from WindMeUp
Hair: Laydee hair from /Fuel/[Freebie, found at Savoir Hair]
Eyes: Silver Eyes (unseeing) from -=Watchtower=- [No longer in world]
Skin: skin big bang_02 pale from [42]
Pose: F-Blogger2-Primskirt from [Long Awkward Pose]

Silver Outfit: Almigirl from ::: Bare@Rose :::
Footwear: Vicky Boots from MStyle
Neck: Eternity Necklace – Iron/Diamond from {Violet Voltaire} [dollarbie/cheapie]
Back: Hiketsu Midnight from WindMeUp
Hair: Zoey – Black B from Magika Hair
Eyes: Silver Eyes (unseeing) from -=Watchtower=- [No longer in world]
Skin: skin big bang_02 pale from [42]
Pose: F-Blogger2-Mirror from [Long Awkward Pose]

Black Outfit: BK-Gungnir-BD from Black Knight [modified]
Footwear: Vicky Boots from MStyle
Head: Edentech Smartvisor Red from [Dark Eden]
Neck: Technomancer Mystek Collar from [Dark Eden]
Back: Hiketsu Blood from WindMeUp
Wrists: Red Wristcomps from [Dark Eden]
Arms: Long Gloves Black from :::Sn@tch:::
Hair: Kitten – Black from Magika Hair
Eyes: Spiral Red from [][]TRAP[][]
Skin: skin big bang_02 pale from [42]
Pose: F-Blogger11-Poofyskirt from [Long Awkward Pose]

Green Outfit: FLEURS PG covering from +Fallen Gods Inc.+ [lucky chair]
Back: Hiketsu Emerald from WindMeUp
Tattoo: PARADISIS_energies : Plasma from PARADISIS
Hair: Sick Muse – Lush from !lamb
Eyes: Silver Eyes (unseeing) from -=Watchtower=- [No longer in world]
Skin: skin big bang_03 pale from [42]
Pose: F-Blogger6-Systemskirt-Mirror from [Long Awkward Pose]

Purple Outfit: Dark Sweetheart +++BLUE BLOOD+++ [Midnight Mania]
Footwear: Bows & Ribbons Dollie Pumps from *Dilly Dolls*
Ears: Eternity Earrings – Diamond/Iron from {Violet Voltaire} [dollarbie/cheapie]
Neck: Eternity Necklace – Iron/Diamond from {Violet Voltaire} [dollarbie/cheapie]
Back: Hiketsu Innocence from WindMeUp
Arms: Almigirl Gloves from ::: Bare@Rose :::
Legs: Almigirl Socks from ::: Bare@Rose :::
Hair: Batty Black/Purple from .::.Penumbra.::.
Eyes: PurpleGlowEye from [][]TRAP[][]
Skin: skin big bang_02 pale from [42]
Pose: F-Blogger2-Primskirt from [Long Awkward Pose]

Image I Pose: happiness is from from :::sunflower poses:::
Image II Location: CYBER BUNKER Space Mall
Image III Pose: one more matrix pose from :::sunflower poses:::
Image III Location: S.I.C.49
Image IV Location: Space Colony Necronom VI
Image V Pose: The Maddox from [Long Awkward Pose]
Image V Location: Space Colony Necronom VI
Warning! Necronom is a mature roleplay sim focused on sexual themes- please respect the players and yourself by being aware of your actions and who is around you in RL while visiting.

Footnotes: Yes, I somehow managed to have all of my pictures face left. That was not done intentionally, though I do enjoy a quarter-profile rather than straight on profile or portrait.

While I typically refer to creators by their last names, Torq’s first name is – in my own little world – a lot more interesting than Benelli.

~ by Terry Toland on June 9, 2009.

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